Opposites Collection.

For Autumn Winter 2015 Carolina Ronderos dives into the universe of nature, but not the green and colorful one as the word suggests, but a more melancholic version of it, Dead Nature.

The Collection develops through a path of Opposites, always looking to create contrast, structured vs. airy, heavy vs. light, layered vs. plain. The only color used was black, allowing all the attention to go to the details, cuts and manipulation of the fabrics, as each of these relates closely to the source of inspiration.

Jackets and trousers in crepe take the lead with sinuous lines and generous folds and shapes in organza, chiffon and satin silk. These are then triggered up a gear with a more complex coatdress in crepe with layered pleats in satin silk and a chiffon skirt.

Opposites collection was staged in a timeless space were the colors black and white play an essential roll in the game of contrast.

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